We offer comprehensive furniture disassembly and reassembly services for your residential and commercial needs:

 Sofas (including daybeds, sleepers, recliners, sofa-beds)

• Wall units

• Grandfather clocks

• Entertainment centers

• Armoires

• Pool tables

• Chandeliers

• Beds (including cribs, bunk beds, & Murphy beds)

• Office furniture (cubicles, desks, work-areas)


We also offer a few other services and repairs.

Most Furniture repairs:•             Antique and Modern Furniture Repairs

•             Furniture Stripping, Restoring, Refinishing and Refurbishing

•             Office Furniture – Residential/Commercial Furniture

•             Re-stuffing

•             Re-dyeing

•             Color Matching

•             Upholstery Services and Repair

•             Patching

•             Padding

•             Machine/Hand Stitching

•             Disassembly/Assembly/Reassembly

•             Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

•             Repairs on any type of material: Leather, Vinyl, Fabric

•             On Site Touch-ups and Repairs

•             Furniture Caning & Rush

•             Indoor/Outdoor Woodwork

Other Services:•             Home Maintenance

•             Attics

•             Deck Finishing & Repair

•             Drywall Services

•             Bathroom Repair

•             Faucet Repair

•             Fixture Installation

•             Professional Cleaning

•             Carpentry

•             Electrical

•             Door Installation

•             Window Repair

•             Floor and Tile repair

•             Outdoor

•             Plumbing

•             Painting

•             Cabinet Repair

Our professional team is at the forefront of both antique and modern furniture, rug, porcelain and ceramics repair, finishing, restoration, upholstery, cleaning and dyeing.

We also provide rug and carpet cleaning and repair. We will pick your rug or carpet up, clean or repair and then deliver your rug back, in the best possible condition. Spot cleaning or small repair can be completed on-site within your apartment, house and/or business.


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